Capital: The Eruption of Delhi(Capital是双关哦,大家集思广益推荐下中译名吧~)
原书名:Capital: The Eruption of Delhi
原作者:Rana Dasgupta
An extraordinary portrait of the fastest-growing city in the world—and the rise of a new global elite Since the opening up of India’s economy in 1991, wealth has poured into the country, and especially into Delhi. Capital bears witness to the astonishing metamorphosis of India’s capital city, charting its emergence from a rural backwater to the center of India’s new elites. No other place on earth better embodies the breakneck, radically disruptive nature of the global economy’s growth over the past twenty years. In a series of extraordinary meetings with a wide swath of the population—from Delhi’s forgotten poor to its rich tech entrepreneurs— Commonwealth Writers’ Prize winner Rana Dasgupta presents an intimate portrait of the people living, suffering, and striving for more in this tumultuous city of extremes, as well as an uncanny glimpse of our shared global future. 试译要求:译文流畅;专有名词翻译准确;稿件齐清定,无遗留问题。在试译稿开头加上你想推荐的该本书的中译名哦~ 试译时间:一周(从收到试译文件之日起计算)。 加入理想国译者大家庭,福利多多。 如果理想国编辑大大们对初次合作的译者反馈很好的话,就可以继续翻译他们的新书哦。能成为理想国长期合作的译者,稿费更高~大家加油吧! 有其他问题,请联系。
Rana Dasgupta,1971年出生于英国,曾旅居法国、马来西亚和美国,2000年,移居德里。 His first book, "Tokyo Cancelled", was published in 2005. Narrated by travelers stuck for a night in an airport, "Tokyo Cancelled" is a cycle of folktales about our contemporary world of globalization, corporations, film stars and illegal immigrants. It was short-listed for the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and the Vodafone Crossword Award. "Solo" came out in the UK in 2009 and was awarded the Commonwealth Writers' Prize. Set in Bulgaria, "Solo" follows the life and daydreams of a melancholy centenarian, so embarking on an epic exploration of science, memory, music and failure. "Solo" has been translated into twelve languages and will be available in the US in February 2011.

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